Green Commuter Pledge



I Pledge to Go Green during Greener Way to Work Week
(September 28-October 2)

The CMBA Green Initiative Committee encourages you and your colleagues and friends to find a greener way to and from work, whether it be through public transportation, biking or carpooling. Will you do your part to help the environment and participate in the 7th Annual David Webster Greener Way to Work Week 2015? The week culminates at a luncheon on October 2 at noon at the CMBA, and the week long effort gives you more flexibility to participate than just one day alone. Please pledge below to do your part to help the environment on one or more days that week. 




Are you a current CMBA member?


What day(s) to you plan to commute green the week of September 28 - October 2?

 What is your plan for a greener commute?

Post photos of your greener commute to our Facebook page ( or on Twitter with #GreenCMBA 


If you are looking for guidance with your commute, below are some starting points.

RTA (offering pre-tax Commuter Advantage programs and a Ready To Ride program to assist those new to RTA)
Bike Cleveland
The Bike Rack 
Ohio RideShare