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Do you need help finding a lawyer you can trust?
Our Lawyer Referral Service is here to build bridges between the public and lawyers in our community.

We help more than 10,000 people each year connect with an experienced attorney who can help their individual legal issues. Being referred is a great way to find an experienced lawyer who can help you with a legal problem you are experiencing. LRS can help connect you to the right attorney at the right time.
Plus, the referral and initial consultation are always FREE!

Testimonials: Clients who use the LRS are often very grateful for the assistance LRS provides.
"Thank you for your LRS. Your intake person was very clear, very helpful and very empathetic. She gave me the confidence to contact an attorney." Linda, 2017 LRS Client

"The attorney was very helpful and kind. Thank you." Ruth, 2017 LRS Client

"Because of CMBA's LRS I was able to conduct business in a timely manner, enter into contract confidently and well educated about the risks." Sandra, 2017 LRS Client

If you are a lawyer interested in becoming a member of LRS, please click here.

Upon being referred, simply call and speak with the lawyer's office. Neither you nor the lawyer are obligated to go any further than that. If the lawyer can help and agrees to represent you, negotiate legal fees as normal and have the peace of mind of knowing you have been connected with an experienced and reputable attorney registered with our service. All attorneys on the LRS are in good standing with the Ohio Supreme Court and maintain professional liability insurance. If the lawyer cannot help you, you are welcome to contact LRS again for additional referral(s).

Referrals by Phone: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at (216) 696-3532 or toll fee (877) CLEV-BAR.

Referrals Online: CMBA maintains a Lawyer Referral Directory Online, accessible 24/7 here
For assistance using the Online Directory or understanding what type of attorney might address your situation, please contact LRS by phone. An Intake Specialist can assist you in selecting an appropriate attorney for referral.

CMBA LRS does not refer pro bono or reduced-rate attorneys.

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Registered with the Supreme Court of Ohio.