Partners for Community Engagement 

Now every lawyer can be a partner!

A Partner for Community Engagement, that is.

Help educate voters and build more effective courts by contributing $50 or more to Partners for Community Engagement. Below is our list of Partners for 2018-19. To have your name added to this distinguished list for 2018-19, make a contribution of $50 or more to the Partners for Community Engagement today.

Contributions help support the work of the CMBA's Judicial Selection Committee, including

Contact the CMBA at (216) 696-3525 to learn more about contributing and becoming a Partner.

2018-19 Partners for Community Engagement

We gratefully acknowledge our 2018-19 Partners for Community Engagement.  Since the program’s inception in 2015, the number of partners has grown exponentially!  And it isn’t too late to join!  Make a contribution of $50 or more and we will add your name to this distinguished list!  A special thank you to our friends at Tucker Ellis who provided firm-wide support for this important initiative.

Barbara Friedman Yaksic
Casey Lynn Holzapfel
Deborah A. Coleman
Diane J. Karpinski
Ellen Maglicic Kramer
Frank R. Osborne
J. Philip Calabrese
Jill G. Okun
Lee Ann O'Brien, MBA
Mark I. Wachter
Martin D. Gelfand
Michelle P. Marvinney
Peter S. Hardin-Levine
Stephen L. Bittence
Theodora M. Monegan
William T. Plesec