Need a Lawyer? Get A Referral!

Lawyer Referral Service 

Each year, more than 20,000 people contact the CMBA for help finding a lawyer. CMBA LRS provides 1,000+ attorney referrals each month and 13,625 referrals over the past fiscal year!

The CMBA Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) is registered with the Supreme Court of Ohio and meets the American Bar Association's standards for Lawyer Referral Services. LRS provides attorneys with the opportunity to use their legal expertise to help others without even leaving the office - all while developing potential new clients. CMBA LRS is proud to bridge the gap between the Cleveland community and the diverse network of experienced attorneys accepting referrals through LRS. LRS economically complements your bottom line, aiding your business development and advertising campaigns and bringing additional trust and visibility to your practice - along with a steady stream of screened referrals in your practice areas. Let LRS help your next client find YOU!

To learn more about how the LRS might work for you, contact LRS Manager, Katie Donovan Onders at (216) 696-3525 x5002 or

Apply to join LRS today! 
Only $250 per year for CMBA Members; $565 for Non-Members 

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LRS attorneys:

- Are in good standing with the Supreme Court of Ohio 
- Maintain professional liability insurance
- Maintain an office or presence in Northeast Ohio
- Have 5+ years of experience handling legal matters
- Are approved by the LRS Oversight Committee 

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