The Division of Fees Mediation and Arbitration Committee mediates or arbitrates fee disputes between lawyers in co-counsel arrangements governed by Rule 1.5(f) of the Rules of Professional Conduct.  And where both parties consent, the Committee may hear disputes between discharged and successor counsel regarding the proper allocation of contingent fees between them.

The Committee does not hold regular monthly meetings; rather, Committee members are selected to mediate or arbitrate disputes when disputing attorneys petition the Committee for assistance.Membership is open to CMBA members in good standing who have mediation or arbitration experience.

If you have a dispute with a lawyer over a shared fee, please submit a letter to Bar Counsel detailing the nature of the dispute.

For more information about the Division of Fees Mediation and Arbitration Committee, please review the committee bylaws and/or contact Heather Zirke, Bar Counsel. 



Neal Shapero
Shapero & Roloff Co., LPA



Andy Goldwasser
Vice Chair
Ciano & Goldwasser LLP