Bringing the Legal Community Together 


At the CMBA, we believe that, together, we can advance our profession while also enhancing individual careers and enriching our community. Membership in the CMBA provides open access to the only local association that uniquely serves the entire Greater Cleveland legal community. Our driving goal is a simple one: to be an indispensable resource for every legal professional within our community.  

CMBA is proud to serve as the go-to organization for all legal matters in Northeast Ohio. As COVID-19 continues to affect our lives and businesses, our members have been at the forefront of innovation. Together, we have built a virtual community, every bit was strong as when we were meeting regularly face to face. We welcome lawyers and non-lawyers alike to find their voice, to network and to contribute to a stronger legal community.

Starting with our REAL (Racial Equity And the Law) Talks and our 21-Day Racial Equity challenge, CMBA’s committed members have made us the leading voice for positive, permanent change to our justice system.

The CMBA offers a broad range of programs, services and networking opportunities relevant for any attorney, regardless of age, length of time in practice or practice setting. We also serve paralegals and other legal professionals who are critical to our profession and to our justice system. We proudly offer dual memberships with both the Cleveland Association of Paralegals and the Lorain County Bar Association. In addition, we welcome law students in an effort to help them connect with and learn from experienced members of our legal community.  

Become a member with us. 
Please contact our eager Membership Department at (216) 539-3702 or at  with any questions over your membership or to learn more about joining as a CMBA Member.