May is Member Appreciation Month!

While a month will never be enough time for us to express how thankful we are for your support and engagement, we will show you in   #31Waysin31Days just how much we appreciate all that you do! Look for information each day in May about Members of the Day, fun contests and giveaways (in person and on social media), special offers and more.  

May 1 - Thank You Email to all members
             Members of the Day Frank DeSantis and Jack Kluznik
             Shout out to the program series, Anatomy of Justice 
             Launched Law Day Luncheon Ticket Contest
             Launched May Day CLE Discount Promotion 
May 2 - Member of the Day Judge Emanuella Groves
Special logo cookies for our Bar Foundation Board 


May 3 - Members of the Day Mike Axel, Drew Parobek, Jeff Toole & Irene MacDougall,
Chairs of the William J. O'Neill Bankruptcy Institute              
             "Our Members are Incredible" gift card drawing at O'Neill Institute
             Law Day Ticket Contest Drawing - Winner Jessica MacKeigan 


May 4
 - Members of the Day Law School Deans Lee Fisher, Jessica Berg & Michael Scharf
             "May the 4th Be With You" Star Wars themed gift card drawing at O'Neill Institute
              Welcomed contest winner Jessica MacKeigan to CMBA table at Law Day at City Club 


May 5 - Member of the Day Kelynn Carter:  We Love our Law Students!
May 6 - Member of the Day Patrick Quallich, the newest member of our Lawyer Referral Service
May 7 - Member of the Day Theodore "Ted" Mann, Jr. 
May 8
 - Member of the Day Deborah Coleman 
             Election Day shout out to Judge4Yourself 
             Promotion for May 9 "Free Donuts & Coffee at the CMBA Day"
May 9 - Member of the Day Chris Fisher
This morning we treated our members to Donuts & Coffee with our Conference Center Team because they're so sweet!


May 10- Members of the Day are the members of the CMBA Leadership Academy 
James Sullivan won 2 Rock the Foundation tickets from our Leadership Drawing honoring our Section and Committee leaders!
May 11 - Member of the Day Karen Ross
May 12 - Member of the Day Craig Cobb
May 13 - Member of the Day Bethanie Murray
             Puma Yoga donated a reflexology/reiki session gift certificate to Bethanie for Mother's Day! Bethanie also received a family 4 - pack for the Halloween Run

May 14 Member of the Day Tom Robenalt 
May 15 Member of the Day Tim Downing 
May 16 - Member of the Day Ashley Jones  
               Special treat for our CMBA Board! 

May 17 Member of the Day Rose Fini
We celebrated newly admitted attorneys, new CMBA members, and welcomed Judges and GC's and all members alike at our annual Greet the Judges and GC's event!
LRS surprised participants in the Lawyer Referral Service with lunch!


May 18 - Member of the Day Rosanne Aumiller
 In honor of Membership Appreciation Month and the Tech Show, we provided pizza for lunch! Happy National Pizza Party Day!

May 19 
Member of the Day Lidia Mowad
May 20 Member of the Day Isabelle Bibet-Kalinyak
May 21 -
Member of the Day Scott Perlmuter & Allen Tittle
May 22 -
Member of the Day Judge Michelle Early
We celebrated our VLA (Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts) Volunteer Program with CLE stickers made by a local artist!

May 23 -
Member of the Day John Hallbauer
May 24 - 
Member of the Day Greg Guice
May 25 -
Member of the Day Lee Ann O'Brien
We are so thankful for our LRS that we wanted to give participants a sweet treat!

May 26 - 
Member of the Day Jeffrey E. Carr
May 27 - 
Member of the Day Mike Drain
May 28 - 
Member of the Day Judge Michael E. Jackson
May 29 - 
Member of the Day Ellen Kramer
LRS wanted to show their appreciation for LRS on the long Memorial Day weekend and provide a surprise! 

May 30 - Member of the Day Matthew English
Surprise breakfast for LRS participants!

May 31 - Member of the Day our outgoing president Darrell Clay!

Thank you for keeping up with Membership Appreciation Month! Until next year!