Established nationally in 1958, Law Day was designed to celebrate our legal heritage and the critical role of the rule of law in our government. In partnership with The City Club of Cleveland, the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association plans an annual luncheon and forum to commemorate Law Day and address a legal topic of profound national significance.

Law Day 2018

On Friday, May 4 The City Club of Cleveland, partnered with the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association hosted the 2018 Law Day, celebrating the Separation of Powers. The U.S. Constitution puts forth a system of government with three "separate but equal branches" - the Presidency, Congress, and a Supreme Court. For the Founding Fathers, this structure preserved political liberty with each separate branch sharing power while serving as a check on the power of the others. Yet, this power is not self-executing, it relies on political leaders and citizens alike to ensure that separation is maintained and democracy endures. United States Senator of Vermont, Patrick Leahy reflected on the importance of the separation of powers to our freedom and the long-term sustainability of our democracy.