Hot Talks at the CMBA

Next up: Tuesday, December 11 -- NOON to 1:00 PM 

During the past several weeks, we have seen significant news coverage regarding conditions inside the Cuyahoga County Jail. The issues are serious and have been the subject of substantial discussion among the members of our Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Thought Leadership Committee and others. 
As our members know, promoting the rule of law and improving the quality of and the public trust in the administration of justice are central to the CMBA's mission. The reports regarding the jail have led us to the decision that in order to fulfill our mission, we must speak publicly about the need for change inside the jail, in addition to affirming our commitment to proactively help bring about that change where possible.
Following careful thought and much deliberation, we are releasing the statement below. Before doing so, we wanted to share both the decision to speak and the actual statement with our full membership.

We also wanted to extend an invitation to all who are able to meet us at the Bar for our "Hot Talk" on Tuesday, December 11 at noon, for a candid and civil discussion about these critical issues. Please join us to learn more and to let your own voice be heard. 

CMBA Statement Regarding the Cuyahoga County Jail



10/09/18 | U.S. Marshals asked by county officials to inspect Cuyahoga County Jail
11/08/18 | Judge John J. Russo's letter about 'alarming' jail conditions gets 'indifferent' county's attention
11/21/18 | U.S. Marshals' report on Cuyahoga County jail
11/23/18 | Investigation Into County Jail
11/29/18 | Cuyahoga County’s top judge warns colleagues of impending lawsuit seeking federal oversight of jail

As a reminder, our Hot Talks include brief opening remarks by our presenters and then the conversation will be open for a question and answer period. Audience participation is encouraged as a model for civil discourse in the community. Bring your questions, your views, your criticisms - whatever you've got - and come meet us at the bar for Hot Talks.  No need to RSVP. Each talk is open to the public and hosted as a brown bag lunch event. If you have any questions, please contact the CMBA at (216) 696-3525.

Postponed until 2019:

The Cuyahoga County Council passed legislation that protects the LGBTQ community from discrimination and creates a commission with the power to give out fines if it finds discrimination to be eminent. The legislation will help provide equal access to employment, housing, and public accommodations. Hear from our panelists about how they believe this new legislation will impact Cuyahoga County. 

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Why Hot Talks?

The CMBA’s mission begins with five simple words: “To promote the rule of law.” To believe in the rule of law means that we believe all people and all institutions are subject to and accountable to the laws of our land. It also means that we believe all laws must be both fairly applied and fairly enforced.

One way we strive to fulfill our mission is by creating opportunities for the open, civil exchange of ideas and viewpoints across a vast array of subjects – both for our members and the community at large. Hot Talks offers an opportunity for civil conversations about these subjects. 

What will these talks look like?

We will start with 2-3 lead speakers providing introductory information about the topic. (15-20 mins) 
Then comes the Q&A. Free form. (30-40 mins)
Our speakers will field questions and provide their perspectives. Sometimes they’ll agree. Sometimes they won’t. Sometimes the audience will agree; sometimes it won’t. The point here is to take real time developments and talk about them in an environment that is conducive to genuine, respectful give-and-take.

No, we won’t be catering to the left … or to the right. No, we won’t be offering the CMBA’s view on whether a policy announcement is good or bad. Yes, we will be giving people an opportunity to learn more about the legal news of the day in an environment that will enable us to discuss, debate and ultimately become better educated about the changes coming out of Washington D.C. and elsewhere – changes that will affect all of us.

Our doors are open to all who wish to engage in civil discourse.