Legal Innovators

About the Legal Innovators Committee

“Our profession is changing…”
“The law firm of the future will look nothing like the law firm of today…”
“The billable hour is dead…”
“Millennials have a completely different mindset from other generations…”

And on and on and on…

Does this sound familiar?  Are you a change-maker?  Are you an innovator?

If so, then you’re paying attention because change is everywhere and everyone is talking about it, but until now, no one is talking about it in a focused, meaningful and productive way. That, too, is about to change.

Welcome to the new CMBA Legal Innovator Committee. 

The purpose of Legal Innovator is to get the change-makers and forward-thinkers among us in a room each month to cross-pollinate and elevate the bar to the cutting edge of legal innovation and beyond it, in at least the following areas:

  • New and disruptive ways to deliver and design legal services to clients
  • Innovative attorney and law firm organizational structures and strategic planning, data
  • Improved and changing technologies
  • Attorney / staff compensation, hiring and retention
  • Alternative fee arrangements
  • New marketing strategies 

Each month, the committee will meet to discuss and immerse in one of the above topics on a monthly-rotating basis.  We’ll have speakers, online discussion groups, shared content, CLE’s, networking and other events.

If you’re interested, please attend our kick-off lunch on Wednesday, January 22, at noon at the CMBA offices. 

Hope to see you there!

Alex Gertsburg
Gertsburg Law Firm
Chair, Legal Innovator Committee

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Alex Gertsburg


Gertsburg Law Firm