Task Force Holds Second Public Forum

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Task Force on Judicial Excellence Holds Second Public Forum
Task Force to review: "What We Know About Judicial Elections in Ohio"

CLEVELAND – Feb. 15, 2011 – The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association (CMBA) Task Force on Judicial Excellence (TFOJE) will hold its second public forum on Thursday, February 24, 2011, at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in the Moot Courtroom from 7 to 9 p.m.

The topic of this forum will be: "What We Know About Judicial Elections in Ohio – creating a 'baseline' for judicial election processes in Ohio, and especially Cuyahoga County." In addressing this topic, the TFOJE aims to discuss (a) a brief history of why we elect judges in Ohio; (b) the inherent conflicts in an elective system involving the judiciary; (c) what we know about how people make decisions in judicial elections; and (d) what can be done to help voters to make more informed judgments when voting for judge.

Speakers will include Lawrence Baum, Professor of Political Science at The Ohio State University, and Michael E. Solimine, the Donald P. Klekamp Professor of Law at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. Professor Baum will present on his empirical studies of how and why voters select candidates in the voting booth. Professor Solomine is the most frequent author of law reviews on Ohio and its election of judges. More details on and articles by these speakers are available at www.tfoje.org.

The forum will be open to the public for comment. Additionally, the CMBA is approved for 2.0 hours of CLE credit from the Supreme Court of Ohio Commission on CLE.

To learn more about the Task Force on Judicial Excellence or to register for the upcoming public forum, visit www.tfoje.org.

About the Task Force on Judicial Excellence
Publicly launched in June 2010, the Task Force on Judicial Excellence is an initiative of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association (CMBA). It is comprised of experienced local attorneys representing a wide spectrum of practices that will study the strengths and weaknesses of the system through which Ohioans elect their judges, and then recommend improvements.  The Task Force's initial efforts will be directed at gathering information and ideas. Monthly public forums will explore current electoral practices and procedures and elicit suggestions on how we can improve on them. In addition, the Task Force will review articles and studies examining state models for judicial elections from across the country and interview academic, statehouse, and civic leaders who have crafted and participated in judicial election models in other states.  After collecting as many perspectives as possible, the Task Force will present recommendations for ensuring the ongoing quality and stability of this critical third branch of government. For more information, please go to www.tfoje.org.

About the CMBA
The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association is a nonprofit organization, operating as a center for legal professionalism in the region and promoting the highest ethical and professionalism standards. Learn more at www.clemetrobar.org.