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Studio At The Bar

Watch a playlist of some of our most recent streaming video work.

Your Secret Marketing Weapon - Studio at the Bar

You don't need a lesson in the power of marketing - you KNOW you need it. We understand that you're busy and don't have time to create and manage custom marketing campaigns, and you especially don't want to bust your budget by hiring an expensive, anonymous agency.

We know you! We get it! Did you know that Studio at the Bar is a member benefit, with 20% or more off most services for members? You can download our whole story via PDF here, then we'll give you some highlights to get you started on better branding, marketing and business today!

Contact Brennan Donnellan at (513) 309-0127 or today! Let me find the right way to reach the best audience for not a lot of money.

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Social Media Marketing

Especially after we come back from COVID-19 restrictions, social media marketing is absolutely critical to your business success. We produce campaigns from start to finish that deliver measurable results and more customers.

Whether you're looking for a simple, personal campaign for your own followers, or you want to expand your customer base, we have proven solutions. Our team has expertise in Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn Ads. We have extensive training and experience with the most effective and emerging social media strategies.

We offer web page design and publishing, and social media account management.

Live Streaming Events

Since 2020, CMBA has produced more than 250 live streaming interactive events and reached tens of thousands of participants. We have the expertise, technology and space to make your event exciting, engaging and professional.

Zoom meetings and webinars have been a lifesaver for businesses, but you shouldn't do it alone. With the facilities of the Cleveland Metropolitan Conference Center, we can host any gathering virtually, or as a "hybrid," in-person event with an audience joining via livestream.

With many satisfied return clients, you can be confident that we'll deliver a successful event for you.



Media Production

Videos receive 10x more engagement on social media than other types of posts. Building a multi-media experience around video gets you attention and results, and it can be very affordable!

Studio at the Bar has invested in state-of-the-art video production facilities for you, our members, and clients. Our team has years of experience producing digital video, from small social media posts to multi-camera live production.

For a sample of the work Studio at the Bar has been doing, click here for a YouTube Playlist.

We can help you understand your messaging needs and deliver an effective final product, from script to digital distribution.

Graphic Design

What if you could have the award-winning design team behind the CMBA Bar Journal working for you? You can!

The Bar Journal, CMBA's Annual Legal Directory, and all of the beautiful graphics and logos you see here are the work of Graphic Designer and Editor Jackie Baroana and her small team of extremely talented artists. We have experience with every aspect of design.

If you need a logo, a website, or a full visual makeover, for print, mail, or digital, we work with you to find the most effective solution.

Contact Brennan Donnellan at (513) 309-0127 or today! Let me find the right way to reach the best audience for not a lot of money.