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We are engaged with students at all different levels of their education, from high school through law school.

Our programs provide opportunities for students to: 

  • better understand their legal rights and responsibilities
  • learn more about our justice system
  • build their skills 
  • work with a mentor
  • explore careers in the law 
  • make new contacts 
  • give back to the community through volunteer service 

Interested in learning more?  Look a little further.

Law School

Who you know matters. It's that simple.

Whether it's landing your first job, meeting your future opposing counsel, or beginning to learn how to build a book of business, who you know will always matter as a practicing lawyer.

Start building critical relationships early in your law school career through FREE membership in the CMBA. Expand your knowledge and your network through participation in sections and committees, fantastic social events, CLE programs, volunteer opportunities, and more.

We are here and ready to provide you the tools you need to prepare for, transition into, and succeed in practice.

Creating connections in the legal community is an essential part of your law school experience.

Through my involvement in the CMBA, I feel like I have really begun to spread my roots into Cleveland’s legal community and develop those long lasting relationships." 

Adam, CWRU ’13

Membership Has Its Privileges

Joining is just the first step. To maximize your membership and take advantage of all our benefits, start engaging today. Don't wait until you buy your cap and gown!

Practical Skill Building

Law school teaches you how to think like a lawyer. Your local bar can teach you how to practice like one. When you jump into our Sections & Committees, you can hone your skills, meet the best-of-the-best, get known, and so much more.

Real World Transition

Let us supplement what your career services office can do with our own job board, clerkship opportunities, new lawyer training, and personalized programming focused on helping you land your first lawyer job.

Have Fun with Us

From CMBA Movie Night to our Halloween Run to Rock the Foundation to networking receptions and more, we offer countless opportunities for you to engage in fun ways here at the CMBA.

Volunteering Opportunities

It's not too early to join us in giving back to the community. As a law student, volunteer alongside practicing attorneys. From inspiring high school students and helping the homeless to assisting in pro se cases, our many programs allow you to get connected and make a difference.

What's In It For Me? Maximizing my bar association membership to achieve success.  Come Zoom with us! 

Thank you to all who have joined us for our weekly Law Student Zoom Series sessions, beginning on March 26.   These sessions are designed to provide you the opportunity to learn about a variety of practice areas as well as receive tips and career suggestions from expert panelists.  We also have been keeping you in the loop about the COVID 19 impact on the July Bar Examination, summer and post graduation employment opportunities and ways that you can continue to build your brand and stay connected during this uncertain time.  We encourage you to participate and engage with the CMBA.  We care about you and want to help YOU achieve success. 

College Students

As you start college or continue to work toward your degree, please allow us to support you during your college years and in pursuit of admission to law school. Not only can we connect you with those in Cleveland's outstanding legal community, but we also offer programs to help you stay connected and gain valuable experience.

Louis Stokes Scholars Program

Amazing Opportunity, Paid Summer Internship 

The Stokes Scholars Program is a pipeline diversity initiative through which college students interested in pursuing careers in the law engage in paid summer legal internships of eight-week duration -- at Cleveland law firms, courts and legal nonprofits. Participating students, known as Stokes Scholars, must be graduates of the high schools in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (see the list at or its partner high schools - Horizon Science Academy Cleveland and Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School Cleveland, or Shaw High School in East Cleveland; or alumni of the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Summer Legal Academy and enrolled in college or scheduled to begin college in the fall following the summer program. Aspiring Stokes Scholars are asked to complete an application and participate in personal interviews.

High School

Connecting You with the Law

It's never too soon to think about the world that awaits you, where you'll go, what you'll do, and who you will become. Let us partner with you as you build your pathway to tomorrow. Our programs are designed to get you thinking and serve you in ways that help your dreams become reality.

Mentoring & Civics Education

Through our 3Rs: Rights, Responsibilities, Realities Program, hundreds of volunteers from the legal community - lawyers, judges, paralegals and law students - visit high school students in their U.S. Government classes in the Cleveland Metropolitan and East Cleveland City Schools each year. The 3Rs Program is designed to help students better understand the U.S. Constitution and our justice system, to help them prepare for the end-of-course exams required to graduate, and to assist students to focus on developing a plan for life after high school graduation.

For useful resources on career-building, higher education, and the law, visit the Student Resources section of The 3Rs page.

Minority high school students from schools throughout Cuyahoga County are also provided the opportunity to participate in our Stephanie Tubbs Jones Summer Legal Academy for rising seniors. The Summer Legal Academy includes a three-week, part-time institute at Case Western Reserve University School of Law in June, followed by a one-month internship with stipend in law firms and offices in the Cleveland legal community. The Academy is interactive and provides students with the opportunity to learn how to prepare for and conduct trials under the supervision of law school faculty, lawyers, and judges.

Developing Your Skills through Mock Trial Competitions

Do you want to put what you learn into practice? Consider joining a mock trial team.  We coordinate a number of mock trial competitions offering you the chance to play the roles of attorneys, witnesses, and experts in a courtroom trial scenario. For decades, through the Cuyahoga District and Regional Mock Trial Competitions (part of the Ohio Mock Trial Competition) and the Cleveland Mock Trial Competition (uniquely for Cleveland Metropolitan School District high schools), thousands of high school students have enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the law and to develop their skills on mock trial teams.  The mock trial experience not only provides a first-person education about the law and our justice system, it also improves public speaking, critical thinking and analytical skills, poise and the ability to "think on your feet" - all skills that will help you no matter what course of study or career you pursue after high school.  

Click here for a video of the mock trial in action! 

Pipeline to Law School

If you are a senior at a high school in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District or Shaw High School, are enrolled or enrolling in college in the fall after high school graduation this spring and you have an interest in pursuing a career in the law, consider applying for the Louis Stokes Scholars Program . The Stokes Scholars program provides a paid summer internship experience at law firms, courts, and legal nonprofits in downtown Cleveland.  In addition, Stokes Scholars are provided with mentors who agree to continue to mentor you beyond the summer and through your college years. Stokes Scholars also take part in a variety of interesting and enriching group experiences during the summer, including field trips and meetings with the judges and court personnel in all of the local courts, lunch and learn programs with legal community leaders, networking and social programs, visits to local law schools and meetings with deans and admissions and financial aid officers, writing and public speaking seminars, and much more.

For Teachers

Let us complement your hard work and dedication to your students. We can work with you for Mock Trial teams, provide you experts on various legal topics through our Speakers Bureau, and more. To learn more, contact the CMBA at (216) 696-3525.



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