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Pro Bono Appeals


The Civil Appellate Pro Bono Program is being introduced on a pilot basis to facilitate appellate review in matters before the Ohio Eighth District Court of Appeals for people who cannot afford counsel, by referring them to pro bono counsel (“Volunteer Counsel”). People who wish to have Volunteer Counsel appointed to their case should fill out an application and email it to the CMBA at Submission of a form does not guarantee Volunteer Counsel will be appointed. Applications will  be reviewed by a panel of volunteer lawyers who will determine whether the appointment of Volunteer Counsel is warranted. Some of the factors that will be considered in reviewing applications include:

•  the existence of a colorable or nonfrivolous claim on appeal; 
•  whether the claimed error was appropriately preserved for appeal; 
•  whether the applicant had counsel at trial-court level, and if so, why the applicant no longer has counsel (if known); 
•  the availability of suitable Volunteer Counsel; 
•  the timing of the request relative to the deadline to file a notice of appeal; 
•  the timing of the request relative to briefing deadlines; and, 
•  any other factor as is just and consistent with the purpose of the Program.