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Each year, 20,000+ people contact the CMBA looking for a lawyer. 40% of those callers are referred to resources for pro bono assistance and/or advice on how to handle their situation without an attorney. 11,700+ potential clients are referred to LRS attorneys each year resulting in $1 million in legal fees earned by LRS attorneys. Join the LRS to connect with potential new clients and assist with this much needed public service. Let the LRS help your next client find YOU! 

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The CMBA Lawyer Referral Service registers with and meets the standards set by the Supreme Court of Ohio and the American Bar Association. Learn how the LRS can work for you - email LRS Manager, Katie Donovan Onders, or call 216-539-5979.

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LRS attorneys:

  • Are in good standing with the Supreme Court of Ohio
  • Maintain professional liability insurance having limits not less than $100,000 per occurrence / $300,000 in the aggregate
  • Maintain an office or presence in Cuyahoga County or a contiguous county
  • Have 5+ years of experience handling legal matters
  • Are approved by CMBA's Lawyer Referral Service Oversight Committee
  • Abide by the rules and procedures set forth in the Attorney-Participant Application and the CMBA LRS Participation Agreement

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How Does the LRS Work

  • Prospective clients obtain referrals via our Online Referral Directory at any time. Trained Intake Specialists are available Mondays and Tuesdays for clients who call our Intake Hotline at 216-696-3532 or 1-877-CLEV-BAR  and are referred after a brief screening.

  • LRS attorneys receive email notification of all referrals.

  • Prospective clients typically call the LRS attorney. 

  • The LRS attorney provides a free initial phone consultation & determines whether to represent the client. All services are negotiable. If the attorney is unable to assist the caller or does not respond within 24 hours, the caller may obtain an additional referral. The LRS will provide up to 3 referrals per legal issue if necessary.

  • The LRS does not make pro bono or reduced-rate attorney referrals. Individuals seeking pro bono services are provided alternate resources. 

  • LRS attorneys can login to access & manage referral records on the CMBA website.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the LRS?

Email your completed LRS application, including your experience and insurance information to the Manager of the LRS. The CMBA's LRS Oversight Committee Co-Chairs review and approve LRS applications. Upon approval and payment you will be added to the LRS & start receiving referrals. 

Is there a charge for the referral or for speaking with an attorney? 
No. The referral and the initial phone consultation with the attorney are free. All fees for legal services provided are determined between the attorney and the client. The LRS does not refer pro bono or reduced-rate attorneys. 

Can I receive referrals in multiple areas of law?
Yes. Please contact the Manager of the LRS to suggest new areas of law for referrals.

What am I required to do as an LRS attorney?

Per the LRS Participation Agreement, LRS attorneys shall provide a free initial consultation to the referred client, provide the CMBA with the updated declarations page from your professional liability insurance policy each year, provide status updates for each referral provided, and pay to CMBA a percentage fee of any legal fees earned in connection with a referred matter.

What is the percentage fee and where do I send percentage fee payments?

LRS attorneys remit 15% of net legal fees earned in connection with any referred matter. Checks, payable to CMBA, may be sent to: CMBA, P.O. Box 931873, Cleveland, OH 44193.

What if an LRS client comes back to me for a different legal issue?

Referral fees are paid when the LRS attorney earns fees upon a referred matter. If a client returns to you regarding a different legal matter you do not owe CMBA any additional referral fees. 

Can I put a hold on referrals while I am on vacation or busy with a trial?

Yes, a temporary hold on referrals can be placed at anytime.