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LGBT & Allies

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LGBT & Allies

The LGBT and Allies Committee is an open and welcoming committee for all CMBA members. The Committee seeks to create networking and educational opportunities for LGBT and ally attorneys, business professionals and law students. In furtherance of this goal, the Committee seeks to provide a network of support for Cleveland's law students, Committee members and the Cleveland legal community by implementing a mentoring program for law students who seek an LGBT or ally mentor. We also seek to provide educational opportunities, including guest speakers and CLE opportunities, for those interested in remaining knowledgeable about the patchwork of laws affecting LGBT individuals, enabling attorneys to better serve their clients who are members of Cleveland's significant LGBT population.

The LGBT and Allies Committee looks forward to partnering with other CMBA committees and sections, as well as Cleveland's law schools, to deliver high-quality programming and networking opportunities for its members and the Cleveland legal community.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to leadership to become more involved. You also can apply to serve on this committee by clicking here.


Upcoming Events

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