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We are Looking for Graphic Design Interns!

We are looking for a graphic design (or related) student intern (or two) to join our team!

What do you have?

What do we have?

What do you get when you put them together?

What will you be doing?

Interning as a graphic designer with the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association has been a great experience. I was absolutely blown away by how friendly the staff was. The CMBA really makes you feel at home with such a welcoming work environment, and there was never a dull moment working on such a wide variety of projects meant to push your creativity and design skills to a whole new level. Logo designing and editing the bar journal were just some of the many creative projects I had the pleasure of working on. Not only did I learn how to incorporate new techniques into my designs, but my overall professionalism as a designer has also greatly increased thanks to these projects. I highly recommend interning at the CMBA because it is very fulfilling and a guaranteed way to earn great experience all while having fun.” – Danielle Nagy, Notre Dame College

Design Intern

We are looking for a graphic design (or related) student intern (or two) to join our team either full- or part-time. This internship opportunity will provide you with professional experiences and your projects will be exposed to thousands of people. It’s tough to say what your shining moment will be, but here is a snapshot of what we’ll be working on together.

Legal Directory

The 500-page directory offers relevant information, listings, and ads for the legal community. We invite our intern(s) to make it their “baby.” Although CMBA staff would provide direction and oversight, the intern(s) would be solely responsible for all page layouts, text and image placement, photo editing, and more.

Bar Journal

Every month, we produce our Bar Journal magazine to feature new and exciting legal topics alongside Bar Association news and information.

Marketing & Branding

We continuously work to tell our stories and show our members and Cleveland all the great things we offer. You'll be working with us on our many marketing efforts, including logos, print material, event marketing, website, publications and more. As a member of our team, we welcome your ideas and creativity!

Events & Programs

The CMBA is known for bringing together thousands of legal professionals and the public for education, fundraising, social events, networking, and more. Help us promote these great events and programs using a wide range of visual communications!

Membership & Services

It’s all about our members! It’s up to us to keep our members coming back every year. Our intern(s) will have the chance to help us come up with new and exciting ways to promote membership and member engagement.

My time spent at the CMBA was nothing less than an enriching experience. While learning tricks of the trade, I worked hands on with the in-house design and marketing department. Within a few short months, I had developed multiple portfolio pieces and vastly expanded my understanding of the field. The staff was friendly, and integration into the team was a breeze. They were extremely grateful for all the work I did. I highly recommend an internship with the CMBA for a diligent and motivated individual ready to get their career started." – Sarah Kaiser, senior, Gannon University

The Fine Print

The intern must be proficient in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, although the internship provides the opportunity to learn more about the programs and strengthen skills. The intern must also provide his/her own Mac computer for use on-site that is equipped with Adobe Creative Suite CS6 or higher.

The internship is unpaid, but provides the intern with creative freedom over projects and the chance to gain experience working as an in-house graphic designer. The internship also is an excellent opportunity for networking and meeting people in Cleveland’s professional community. 

The schedule is flexible and can work around your school calendar and any scheduling conflicts you may have.

Please send resume and portfolio samples (either a low-res multi-page PDF of 5-10 samples or a link to an online portfolio site) to Jackie Baraona at In your submission, please include information about your availability as we will consider both short- and long-term arrangements.

We can’t wait to meet you!



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