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CMBA History

Our History

The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association (CMBA) is a nonprofit organization, operating as a center for legal professionalism in the region and promoting the highest ethical and professionalism standards. In March 2008, the Cleveland Bar (founded in 1873) and Cuyahoga County Bar Association (founded in 1927), brought together more than 135 years of rich history to create the unified CMBA. The vision is to advance the greater Cleveland legal community as a world-class center of professional excellence and model of community service.

Past Presidents of the CMBA and its predecessors

CMBA created by the unification of the CBA and CCBA in March 2008

2008                Kerin Lyn Kaminski and Steven L. Gardner (co-presidents)
2008-2009       Michael E. Brittain
2009-2010       Mary K. Whitmer
2010-2011       Michael N. Ungar
2011-2012       Barbara K. Roman
2012-2013       Carter E. Strang
2013-2014       Jonathan Leiken
2014-2015       Bruce G. Hearey
2015-2016       Anne Owings Ford
2016-2017       Richard D. Manoloff
2017-2018       Darrell A. Clay
2018-2019       Marlon A. Primes
2019-2020       Ian N. Friedman

CMBA fulfills its mission – to promote the rule of law and the legal profession by supporting, empowering and celebrating our members and the community – through professional development and interaction; educational programming; and community engagement and service.

The CMBA has led by example through innovative public service, pro bono programs, diversity initiatives and community partnerships. Volunteer leadership, members and staff have used their experience, knowledge and creativity to develop and sustain significant programs in a way that has benefited the CMBA, its members and the community at large. Among these programs and initiatives are CLEs, volunteer outreach programs, fundraising special events, section and committee projects, and the monthly Bar Journal publication, to name a few. As such, the CMBA has earned an outstanding reputation among the legal and local community, as well as regionally and nationally.

The CMBA relocated to the 2nd and 3rd floor of the One Cleveland Center building in downtown Cleveland in the fall of 2014, offering both our membership and the public access to a multi-purpose venue that is ready to meet the event and conferences need for our association, our members and all of Cleveland. Before moving to One Cleveland Center, the CMBA called the second floor of the Galleria home from 2004 - 2014, and before that, we resided in a building at 113 St. Clair Avenue which has since been replaced by the Global Center for Health Innovation. Learn more about our current location and amenities here.



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