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Posted by: Kari Burns on May 4, 2021

Members receive UNLIMITED mental health and wellness programs at a discount price.

Posted by: Michael Mullally on May 11, 2021

While the seriousness of the antitrust case continues against apple, the trial took a look at how a naked banana would be inappropriate in court. 

Posted by: Heather Zirke on May 11, 2021

Before you sue your co-counsel over an unpaid legal fee, remember the Rules of Professional Conduct require that fee disputes between lawyers in different firms be resolved by a local bar association.

Posted by: Madeline Poll on May 11, 2021

Kevin led fascinating conversations this year on ethics in the area of criminal law.

Posted by: Mark Cicero on May 10, 2021

The legal profession is often a very busy one and my “to do” list always seems to be pending. It is therefore imperative to find a healthy getaway. Several of my favorite activities include playing music, attending concerts, going to baseball games, and visiting amusement parks.

Posted by: Jackie Baraona on May 10, 2021

Posted by: Brennan Donnellan on May 10, 2021

Cleveland Housing Court warns renters that eviction moratorium could end sooner than expected following judge’s ruling.

Posted by: Madeline Poll on May 10, 2021

Today we salute a true bar legend, Mark Wachter.

Posted by: Madeline Poll on May 9, 2021

Today, on Mother's Day, we'd like to recognize a new mother and valued member, Mallory Monhemius!

Posted by: Madeline Poll on May 8, 2021

Shout out to Franzetta Turner, a valued member of the CMBA’s Bar Admissions Committee.

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