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Posted by: Mark Cicero on May 10, 2021

The legal profession is often a very busy one and my “to do” list always seems to be pending. It is therefore imperative to find a healthy getaway. Several of my favorite activities include playing music, attending concerts, going to baseball games, and visiting amusement parks.

Posted by: Jacqueline Baroana on Feb 24, 2021

Bankruptcy and Commercial Law and Environmental Law Sections Provide Awards and Assistance.

Posted by: Jacqueline Baroana on Feb 24, 2021

March 2021 CMBA Member Q and A

Posted by: Allison Smith Newsome on Feb 23, 2021

Legal Implications and considerations of a mandatory employee COVID-19 vaccination policy.

Posted by: Joseph Gross on Feb 23, 2021

Message from The President: The CMBA Is on a Roll!

Posted by: Carter Strang on Feb 23, 2021

CMBF President Carter E. Strang speaks to Fellows and those who hear the call to leadership.

Posted by: Awatef Assad on Feb 1, 2021

CALL TO ACTION: Join the MHW Committee (no cost to CMBA members) and become a LAWYER WELL-BEING CHAMPION!

Posted by: William Vodrey on Oct 1, 2019

When I was a young prosecutor at Juvenile Court, from time to time someone in the office would have to run an errand to the Justice Center in downtown Cleveland. When he or she asked if anyone needed anything from there, a colleague would occasionally say, “Yeah, bring me back a cup of justice.” An old joke, but it usually brought a chuckle, or at least a smile. If only justice could be poured into a cup and taken wherever it was needed.

Posted by: John Mills on Oct 1, 2019

The ultimate fate of the Justice Center is still up in the air, currently being scrutinized by a small army of consultants, urban planners, and committees.

Posted by: Matthew Rolf on Oct 1, 2019

For nearly a century, an air of urgency has driven the planning and construction of new justice and detention facilities in Cuyahoga County. Over-burdened facilities, over-budget plans, over-extended time frames, and a criminal justice system in dire need of reform have often driven the decision making process. Today’s Justice Center Complex is no exception to this way of planning, with myriad correctional and humanitarian issues that must be addressed or at least acknowledged by any new construction.

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