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Posted by: Brennan Donnellan on Mar 19, 2021

The CMBA urges all to consciously and consistently denounces hate, violence and prejudice.

Posted by: Joseph Gross on Feb 23, 2021

Message from The President: The CMBA Is on a Roll!

Posted by: Ian Friedman on Sep 1, 2019

It was 2016 when I was interviewed by the CMBA Nominating Committee for consideration of being recommended to the Board of Directors to eventually serve as President of this esteemed bar association. One question from a committee member still stands out. I was asked what my agenda would be if elected. In looking back, I am relieved that I responded by stating that I did not have a specific agenda that I was committed to at that time. My feeling was that it would be near impossible to predict what the critical needs of the Bar would be three years later. Of course, I had my thoughts should there not be any glaring priorities at the time that my term commenced, but having led several other organizations in the past, it has been my experience that the tasks to be performed reveal themselves. Since my term has begun, there has been no shortage of need for immediate attention to issues that impact our northeast Ohio legal community. While I would prefer to pace for a figurative annual marathon, this term has started as a sprint and there is no sign of a slow down in the near future.



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