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Posted by: Brennan Donnellan on Jun 13, 2021
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In an in-depth profile, talked with Jeffrey Appelbaum about his contributions to many of Cuyahoga County's major development projects.

According the the article, since 2009, Appelbaum, along with affiliated companies Project Management Consultants and the Thompson Hine law firm, have won county contracts worth roughly $10 million, including a $1.27 million deal approved by the county this week. In exchange, the county gets legal services and a dedicated point-man to oversee construction, ideally ensuring it’s completed on-schedule and within budget.

Appelbaum’s backers say he’s a national leader in his field and provides the county with a wealth of expertise. Critics say blind loyalty to any contractor – even the best in the field – can backfire at taxpayer expense.

You can read the entire article by following this link.

Jeff Appelbaum has presented the Justice Center plans to CMBA audiences several times since 2019. CMBA is committed to following the progress of the Justice Center project, to ensure the interests of attorneys and their clients are represented as these important decisions are made. To see those presentations and all coverage of The Future State of Justice in Cuyahoga County, click on the button below.

The Future State of Justice



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