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Posted by: Kathleen Onders on Jun 4, 2021

When friends or family members reach out to you about an area of law you don’t practice, please refer them to CMBA’s Lawyer Referral Service (LRS). Visitors to the CMBA website,, can click on the Find a Lawyer or Lawyers For Hire tab to choose an attorney based on their particular situation. If someone wants to call the LRS, please keep in mind that we have an Intake Specialist available at 216-696-3532 only on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Interested in joining the Lawyer Referral Service? We are always looking for more attorneys to join. Wonder if it could work for you? Attorney Kathryn (Katie) P. Russell, a partner with Brown Immigration Law, shares her thoughts on joining the LRS: “I have had only positive experiences with CMBA’s Lawyer Referral Service, and I encourage anyone with a legal question to use it! LRS is a great starting point. For individuals encountering legal questions, finding the right attorney for their particular question or legal issue can be daunting. The LRS helps connect individuals with an attorney specializing in their area of concern and provide a free consultation to help make sense of their situation. As an attorney, I am happy to participate in this service!”

Ready to join? Apply today so we can connect potential clients with you. The application and participation agreement can be found under the Join Now tab or here: LRS Join Now ( Contact Katie Donovan Onders at with any questions.



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