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Posted by: Brennan Donnellan on May 27, 2021

The CMBA is proud of our history of leadership in the legal community. We recognize that the best way to remain the leader is to change with the needs of our members. CMBA's Legal Directory is evolving to better serve our partners in law and business. We're expanding the ways lawyers and service providers can connect, network, and share growth opportunities.

Published in August 2021, our brand new CMBA Legal Resource Guide will be the most complete guide to all of the legal resources in our region. We'll publish critical information like contacts to all local and regional courts, along with sections for mediators and arbitrators, expert witnesses, areas of practice, service providers, and more! The Legal Resource Guide will be printed and distributed for free to more than 5,000 CMBA members and affiliates, reaching far more offices and desks than ever before. The Legal Resource Guide will also be available for viewing online.

For our partner law firms, we're taking digital access a step further. In addition to your listing in the Legal Resource Guide, you can purchase a Digital Law Firm listing, including options for lawyer photos, logos, marketing messages and even videos! These listings will be public, searchable, and search-engined optimized to put your firm at the top of the Google results.

Download Law Firm Listings Information

Download Mediators and Arbitrators Information

Download Service Providers Information

Download Display Ads Information

We'll be contacting many of our partners to help you choose the best options for your business. In the meantime, contact us at with any questions or to reserve your opportunity.



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