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Posted by: Jessica Paine on May 26, 2021

The 3Rs took a field trip to the suburbs on Friday, May 21, as three volunteers visited Cleveland Heights High School to speak about Rights, Responsibilities, and Realities with the students. At the invitation of CHUH teacher Mark Sacks, the panel answered such questions as:

  • What is a police stop (vs. an arrest)?  
  • What does probable cause mean?
  • What are the “Miranda rights”?
  • What are the roles of judge, prosecutor, defense, and jury at trial?
  • What is the presumption of innocence and why is it important?
  • Advice for young people who want to change the law…how should they go about doing so?

Sincere thanks to our panelists: Hon. Michael Ryan, judge at the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Juvenile Division who works extensively with youth in the community; Khalida Sims, longtime member of the 3Rs oversight committee, volunteer, and CMBA Board member, who works with the US Attorney’s Office in Cleveland; and Patrick Haney, who besides his day job as a civil-rights trial lawyer at the Chandra Law Firm LLC, is a fellow 3Rs Committee member and volunteer. As a bonus, both Khalida and Judge Ryan were able to bond with the students as Cleveland Heights High themselves! 



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