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Posted by: Kathleen Onders on May 21, 2021

Today the Lawyer Referral Service recognizes and celebrates Ellen Mandell!

We appreciate all you do Ellen!

Ellen Mandell is a solo practitioner with an office in Beachwood. Ellen works diligently to find solutions for families in transition. Her practice focuses on family law issues such as divorce, child custody, child support and visitation. She also represents individuals regarding business law issues and represents professionals with disciplinary or ethical concerns. We are grateful for Ellen’s participation in the Lawyer Referral Service. During Ellen’s time with the LRS, she has received and responded to over 1,000 referrals. The LRS can be a great resource for you if you want to be connected with new clients. As Ellen shared, “I have participated in LRS since its inception and I have found it a good investment. Some cases may not be "money makers" but others are. I have had clients return to me or refer others to me years later. I've even represented the children of prior LRS clients.” Thank you, Ellen, for all you do for the LRS!

If you are thinking about joining the LRS, what are you waiting for? Join now and start receiving referrals. To join, complete the LRS application and participation agreement which can be found here: LRS Join Now (

Please remember to refer your family, friends and acquaintances to the LRS website to be connected with an attorney: If someone does not have access to the internet, please ask them to call the LRS at 216-696-3532 on Mondays or Tuesdays when an Intake Specialist will be available to assist them.

Contact Katie Donovan Onders at with any questions. We’d love to work with you and send referrals your way!



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