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Ideastream: New Jail Rules Force Departure Of Catholic Ministry - CMBA News and Information

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Posted by: Brennan Donnellan on May 14, 2021

From Ideastream, After spending 21 years working inside the Cuyahoga County jail, Rev. Neil Walters has left his post as jail chaplain and is raising concerns about what that means for the people held there.

Walters left the jail because new restrictions made the work much less appealing.

“Now I'm just working a job,” said Walters, describing a feeling that reached its peak about a year ago. “And it's a job where I felt, if I did something for somebody, I had to look over my shoulder and make sure I didn't get caught.”

To read the entire story from 90.3 WCPNN Ideastream, follow this link.



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