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Posted by: Jessica Paine on May 5, 2021

Volunteers for the Bar’s 3Rs program (Rights-Responsibilities-Realities) matched with their U.S. Government classes last week to bring the 2020-21 virtual curriculum to 11th grade students across the Cleveland and East Cleveland schools this month.

Connecting with students during a pandemic hasn’t been easy, but thanks to the tireless efforts of 3Rs Committee volunteers under the leadership of Chair Will Eadie and Vice Chair Lori Eiler, with the invaluable support of administrators from both school districts, The 3Rs has adapted to the age of Zoom and virtual outreach.

In addition to revamping the 3Rs’ popular curriculum on the U.S. Constitution, rule of law, and career counseling for online learning, The 3Rs also spearheaded efforts to help bridge the digital divide for our local students in a year where access to technology became more crucial than ever.

The CMBA sincerely thanks our volunteers who have committed to The 3Rs and responded to the challenge, as well as the teachers and administrators of the Cleveland and East Cleveland School Districts for welcoming us to their classrooms.



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