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Posted by: Caitlin Peterson on Apr 23, 2021
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At looooooong last, in-person events and activities are finally returning!  We’ve got your team's summer outing planned!  On Tuesday, July 13 beginning at 5:30pm, the CMBA has rented out the entire Zoo just for CMBA members and their families and friends. We’re marking our 14th Annual Meeting with a summertime event that will be focused on family-friendly fun in a safe, outdoors space.

Among other highlights, all evening long we will be enjoying:

  • The spectacular return of the Asian Lantern Festival
  • The Circle of Wildlife Carousel to delight guests of all ages
  • A photo booth to capture real smiles and real people
  • Chance encounters with princesses and super heroes
  • A summertime picnic feast, complete with cupcakes
  • Lions, tigers and bears – oh yes!!! The animals will be there too!

Whether your employees number 30 or 300, we’ve got a package that’s sure to be right for you.  Let our special events planning team take care of the details for your outing this summer.  All you have to do is invite your team and enjoy.

Reserve your team space today!  Contact Caitlin Peterson at (216) 539-3735 or to inquire!

Visit the Annual Meeting page for all the details!



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