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National Lawyer Well-Being Week Begins Monday, May 3rd - CMBA News and Information

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Posted by: Dominica Essi on Apr 29, 2021
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When we asked our members about their biggest concerns during COVID-19, the #1 answer was mental health and wellness! In response to that obvious need, CMBA is proud to present a full series of virtual programming, starting on May 3rd, and with 1.0 hour of Professional Conduct CLE credit offered on Tuesday, May 4th.

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Monday, May 3rd 

11:00-12:00 via Zoom

Nutrition and When Way Diet

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Dr. Michael Roizen, Cleveland Clinic

Program Description:

Dr. Roizen will share the science and action steps for you to do Intermittent Fasting right – that is to make yourself as healthy (or as Dr. Roizen says, “as young”) as possible. He will further review the basic rule: Food is a relationship like marriage – only eat food you love that will love you back.  The science of “What” and “When” to eat for health is what Dr Roizen will discuss.  


Tuesday, May 4th

12:00 – 1:00 PM via Zoom

Professionalism Through Mindfulness

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1.0 Hour of Professional Conduct CLE


Judy Cohen, Warrior One

Program Description:

Join us to explore the landscape of Professional Conduct from a mindfulness perspective. Investigate the science and practices of classical mindfulness, then place those practices squarely within the venue of the law to discover how you can cultivate greater effectiveness while increasing rather than sacrificing wellbeing. This program is for new, beginning, and experiences mindfulness practitioners, as well as attorneys, other legal professionals, and law students.


Wednesday, May 5th

12:00 – 1:00 PM via Zoom

Discovering Functional Medicine: Using a More Holistic Way to Get and Stay Well

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Tammy Gutierrez, MD

Gloria Treister, HHP, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner & Coach

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist, Founder, WELL Cleveland™ Project

Program Description:

Many of us wish we could wake up with more energy and recapture that zest for life that so often eludes us. Join us for an insightful and interactive event where you’ll learn how functional medicine can help you:

•Understand the deeper why behind your personal health challenges (no, it’s not all in your head).

•Learn to use diet, exercise and other lifestyle strategies to truly feel your best.

•Understand how functional medicine combines nutritional science, genomics, and epigenetics.


Thursday, May 6th

4 – 5 p.m. @ Cleveland's Edgewater Park 

Healthy Lawyers – Walk Sponsored by our Student Advisory Subcommittee

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The CMBA and its Student Advisory Subcommittee wants to stress the importance of de-stressing by organizing a walk to enjoy some fresh air and much-needed social interaction at Cleveland’s own, scenic Edgewater Park. Let’s enjoy a nice stroll together with the appropriate safety measures in place.


Friday, May 7th

12:00 – 1:00 PM

The Power in the Pause: How Gentle Movement and Breath Work Can Help Lawyers Create Space and Cultivate Calm, Even Now

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Alisa J. Gray, Tiffany & Bosco P.A.

Program Description:

Join Alisa Gray as she guides a gentle yoga class especially designed for lawyers.  No prior experience or special equipment is required.  Just bring your breath, your body and a sense of curiosity.





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