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CWRU Law Student Selected as Finalist for 2021 National Jurist Award - CMBA News and Information

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Posted by: Mary Groth on Apr 13, 2021
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Every spring, National Jurist selects a handful of the most impressive law students from the nation’s 200 law schools as “Law Student of the Year Finalists.”  Making the list of seven finalists this year was Case Western Reserve University School of Law 3L Clare Shin.

In the National Jurist description of why Clare was selected, they wrote,

“Clare Shin attended schools in 14 countries from grades 1 to 12. She went on to attend universities in Korea, Japan, Germany, and now France. She is currently working toward a concurrent LL.M. degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Law’s partner school, Paris Dauphine University. 

Shin developed her passion for law while working as a fashion model during college. She said she was greatly affected by what she witnessed:

‘I saw how young girls from 12 to 26 years old were lured into the industry. There were no government regulations that were in place that protected their mental and physical health, and many girls developed mental and eating disorders. Some even committed suicide.

Some modeling agencies were also very predatory in making young and uninformed girls sign unfair contracts. So I decided to go to law school to become a fashion attorney.’ 

When the COVID-19 outbreak took hold, Shin volunteered to sew masks for UH and other children's hospitals. 

Shin received donations to purchase fabric with Spider-Man, Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter, and other patterns that would help children feel more enthusiastic about wearing masks. In July, she reached her goal, having made 1,127 masks.”

You can read from Case Western Reserve School of Law at this link.



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