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Posted by: Heather Zirke on Mar 30, 2021
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Few chores are more frustrating than the constant search for new, better, less expensive health insurance. For some lawyers, especially in small and solo firms, the choices are slim and the costs are high.

That's why through a partnership with Oswald Companies and Roundstone Insurance, the CMBA is offering the CMBA Preferred Health Insurance Program to all CMBA members, including law firms and companies of all sizes, solo practitioners, and individuals.  The program is also open to clients of CMBA members.

Watch the video above for details on how to get a quote and why the CMBA Preferred Health Insurance Program may be right for you

Click here to access the health insurance portal.  Members should select the size of their organization and then provide the information requested to get a quote.

Why should members consider the CMBA Preferred Health Insurance Program?

  • Reduce health insurance costs for yourself or your company
  • Requesting a quote is easy
  • National network of providers including UH and Cleveland Clinic doctors

What other insurance products are available?

  • Life Insurance
  • Lawyers’ Professional Liability (legal malpractice insurance)
  • Bonding & Surety
  • Construction Bonds and Contract Bonds: These include bid, performance, payment and maintenance bonds.
  • Commercial & Court Bonds: These include appeal, supersedeas, court, bank depositor, customs, license, permit, lien, reclamation, tax, subdivision, supply, utility, wage & welfare, self-insured bonds and many more.
  • Fiduciary & Probate Bonds: These include guardian, conservator, administrator, executor, receiver and trustee bonds

Who can I speak to for more information?

Call Al Rubosky at 216.202.6692 or email Al at or schedule time with Al here.



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