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Posted by: Carter Strang on Feb 23, 2021
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Bar Foundation has launched its Next Generation Fellows Campaign focused on increasing the resources available to fund the CMBA’s award-winning programs that help close the opportunity gap to enable the dreams of the students we serve — who are the next generation of our leaders — to come true. Please consider nominating someone to be a Next Generation Fellow. For those already nominated, please say “yes” when you are asked to make your Fellows’ pledge. And for those who are already Fellows,  please consider moving up to a higher  Fellow Level as a  Silver or Gold Fellow. These are particularly challenging times for the students we serve — the vast majority of whom are Cleveland and East Cleveland City School District students. They need your help, now more than ever.

My thanks to all the existing Fellows, some 550 strong! I also thank Nicholas DiCello, of Spangenberg Shiblley & Liber LLP, a Silver Fellow, who is providing great leadership as the CMBF Fellows Committee Chair, as well as Mary Groth, CMBA Director of Member & Donor Engagement, for her many years of help with the Fellows program.

To learn more about the Fellows Program, contact Mary Groth at (216) 539-5975 or



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