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Posted by: Michael Mullally on Sep 1, 2020
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Anita Cox


Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court

Anita Cox serves as the Scheduler for Judge Diane M. Palos and Magistrate Marie M. Rady. Anita started her career in 1993 as a scheduler working in the Central Motions Scheduling Department. In 2009, when Judge Palos was appointed to the bench, she became her scheduler. Anita always says, “Judge Palos is an excellent judge.” 

Anita is a Cleveland native and graduate of Cleveland Heights High School. She has eight siblings and is the loving wife of 39 years to her husband, Russell (which she says, humorously, is unusual for working in domestic relations). She is a proud mother of two sons, Antonio and Darien and two wonderful daughters-in-law. She is a grandmother to four beautiful grandchildren who are her pride and joy. 

Anita has had the challenging task of being a caregiver to her husband since 2005 due to an accident which left him disabled. It is her strong faith that has kept her grounded, along with support from her family and friends. Anita loves to spend time with her grandchildren, attending their many family gatherings, giving service at her church, and bringing smiles to others. She enjoys spending time in nature on long walks and sleeping in late when she can.

Anita gives a special shout out to her co-worker and friend, Magistrate Daniel Newman, who always goes the extra mile. Anita says, “I appreciate you so much.”



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