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Use Your Power to Eliminate Systemic Bias in the Legal Profession: Tools for the White Ally - CMBA News and Information

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Posted by: Brennan Donnellan on Oct 28, 2020
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Part III of the White Allyship in the Legal Profession Series by the CMBA D&I Committee

Oct. 28, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. via Zoom & Facebook Live

The D&I Committee presents “White Allyship in the Legal Profession,” a timely discussions in three stages as part of the CMBA’s Racial Equity and Law (REAL) Talk series. Part III on Oct. 28 will focus on how white colleagues can use their privilege and position to root out systemic racism and bias in the legal profession. Moderator Marquettes Robinson, Counsel at Eaton Corporation, will guide the discussion with speakers Natalia Steele and Jonathan Barton.

About the series:

Part I of the White Allyship series, "The Control and Criminalization of Black Bodies in America,” explored the history of systemic racism and bias in the U.S., specifically highlighting the post-emancipation proclamation time period, slave patrols, and property laws (video here). After being fortified with the origins and realities of racial inequity and the practice of law, Part II explored the systemic racial barriers faced by BIPOC on their path to, through, and after the J.D. (video here).

White allyship is one of the goals in the CMBA's four-point action plan to create positive and permanent change in the justice system. What steps can CMBA members – Black, Indigenous, and people of color, along with their allies – take to move beyond talk into action? That's the goal of REAL – Racial Equity And the Law ( REAL Talks are open forums via Zoom and Facebook Live where you can share your ideas and contribute to a new, more equitable American justice system.



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