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Posted by: Rebecca McMahon on Dec 31, 2018

NEWS 2018

01.05.18 - Rock the Foundation Returns to Music Box Supper Club; Frank Sullivan to Receive Pogue Award
02.13.18 - Bar Association “Hot Talks” to discuss OH HB 160
03.13.18 - Bar Association “Hot Talks” to Discuss #MeToo Movement
04.10.18 - Cleveland Chief of Police Will Join Panel Discussion on Legal Community’s Role in Mitigating Civil Unrest
05.08.18 - Are our Communities and Schools Safer with or without Guns?
05.30.18 - World-renowned Journalists and Legal Professionals to Discuss the Media’s Role in High Profile Trials
06.07.18 - Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association’s 11th Annual Meeting: New leaders sworn-in and distinguished legal professionals honored
06.12.18 - Cyber Security Experts to Discuss Legal Implications of Data Exploitation
08.02.18 - Bar Foundation Hosts 72nd Annual Public Servants Luncheon
10.15.18 - 17th Annual Halloween Run for Justice Charts New Course: Run routes include iconic Cleveland bridges
12.05.18 - CMBA Statement Regarding the Cuyahoga County Jail 

NEWS 2017

12.01.17 - Bar Association "Hot Talks" to Discuss Sanctuary & Deportation
11.03.17 - Bar Association “Hot Talks” to Discuss the Human Trafficking Highway
10.16.17 - Halloween Run for Justice Moves to Jacobs Pavilion on October 28
10.04.17 - Carter E. Strang Honored with 2017 Green Sustainability Award
10.04.17 - CMBA joins Ohio Business Competes
10.03.17 - Bar Association “Hot Talk” to Discuss the First Amendment & the Workplace
08.31.17 - Bar Association “Hot Talks” to Discuss the Value of a Legal Education Today
08.11.17 - Bar Foundation Hosts 71st Annual Public Servants Luncheon on August 25
08.08.17 - CMBA Hosts "Hot Talks" on the Opioid Crisis in Northeast Ohio
07.11.17 - CMBA Announces Inaugural Leadership Academy Class
07.10.17 - Bar Association Hosts “Hot Talks” to Discuss Executive Power
05.25.17 - Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Annual Award Winners Announced
05.18.17 - Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Celebrates with 10th Annual Meeting
05.03.17 - Anatomy of Justice Public Forum: Looking Behind the Curtain: How ‘Secret’ Grand Juries Work
05.01.17 - Bar Association Hosts “Hot Talks” to Discuss Congress versus the President in War & Foreign Affairs
04.05.17 - Bar Association Hosts “Hot Talks” Conversation to Discuss the Impacts of the Proposed Federal Budget
03.15.17 - Bar Association Hosts Second “Hot Talks” Series to Discuss Sanctuary and Welcoming Cities
02.09.17 - Bar Association Launches “Hot Talks” Series to Facilitate Interactive Discussions on Hot Button Topics 
01.12.17 - Rock the Foundation Returns to Music Box Supper Club; Beth Mooney to Receive Pogue Award


NEWS 2016

11.09.16 - CMBA Issues Statement: Passage of Issue 108 for CMSD Clinches the Cleveland Trifecta
10.19.16 - Halloween Run for Justice Moves to Burke Lakefront Airport
10.10.16 - David E. Nash Honored with Inaugural Green Sustainability Award
10.07.16 - Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Endorses CMSD Renewal Levy
08.26.16 - Bar Foundation to Host 70th Annual Public Servants Luncheon
08.05.16 - Bail and Bond Review Steering Committee Announces Selection of Subcommittee Co-Chairs
06.03.16 - CMBA Annual Award Winners Announced
05.25.16 - Ohio EPA Director to Deliver Opening Address at 2016 Great Lakes Symposium
05.23.16 - Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association and Bar Foundation Announce New Officers and Trustees
05.17.16 - CMBA Announces Inclusion Innovation Award Winners
01.13.16 - Rock the Foundation to Honor Chris Connor with Inaugural Pogue Award


NEWS 2015

10.16.15 - Halloween Run for Justice Celebrates Year 14 with Cavs Spirit Edition
09.22.15 - Mary Groth Receives High Honor from the Ohio Center for Law-Related Education
08.21.15 - Bar Foundation to Host 69th Annual Public Servants Luncheon

08.19.15 - CMBA Remembers Our Friend, Congressman Louis Stokes
08.19.15 - Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP Provides Sustaining Sponsorship of Stokes Scholars Program
06.05.15 - CMBA Bestows Awards at Annual Meeting
06.01.15 - CMBA Announces New Officers at Annual Meeting
04.28.15 - Renowned Attorney Thomas Mesereau Coming to Cleveland for Law Day 
01.23.15 - CMBA Issues Statement Regarding Commercial Docket 
01.13.15 - "Rock the Foundation" Moves to Cleveland Museum of Art for 10-Year Anniversary


NEWS 2014

12.19.14 - Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Names New Executive Director 
12.08.14 - GAL Project Commences CASA Program Planning in Cuyahoga County 
11.20.14 - Louis Stokes Scholars Program Wins Outstanding Program Award 
10.30.14 - Bar Association’s Women in Law Section Hosts Second Annual Event to Honor Women in the Law 
08.29.14 - Bar Foundation to Host 68th Annual Public Servants Luncheon 
07.21.14 - CMBA Names Co-Interim Directors 
06.20.14 - CMBA Announces Move to One Cleveland Center 
06.11.14 - CMBA Announces New Officers, Bestows Awards at Annual Meeting 
06.05.14 - CMBA Announces Roger S. Aaron Award Recipient
04.29.17 - CMBA Endorses Issue 7
02.20.14 - Rock the Foundation Returns to House of Blues, March 22nd Theme is "Cleveland Rocks"

NEWS 2013

11.01.13 - Task Force on Judicial Excellence Issues Report and Recommendations 
11.01.13 - CMBA Submits Op Ed for Publication Consideration 
09.17.13 - Bar Association's Green Initiative Committee Holds 5th Annual David Webster Greener Way to Work Day 
09.12.13 - CMBA to Host 4th Citizens Legal Academy 
09.11.13 - Bar Foundation to Host 67th Annual Public Servants Luncheon 
09.10.13 - CMBA Honored With Two Awards for Its Community Outreach Programs 
06.25.13 - CMBA Announces New Officers, Bestows Awards and Celebrates Cleveland at Sixth Annual Meeting 
05.30.13 - CMBA Hosts First Great Lakes Symposium 
05.14.13 - Judicial Elections discussed on WCPN ideastream Sound of Ideas. Guests included CMBA President Carter Strang and Deborah Coleman. 
05.13.13 - CMBA Conducts Interim Judicial Reviews 
03.21.13 - Louis Stokes Scholars Program Named Best New Internship at 2013 Expys Award Luncheon 
02.25.13 - CMBA Opposes Governor’s Proposed 5% Tax on Legal Services 
02.07.13 - 30th Annual Ohio Mock Trial Cuyahoga District Competition 
02.04.13 - “Rock the Foundation 8” Goes Retro at House of Blues March 9th with ’80s Theme

NEWS 2012

11.29.12 - Bar Association to Host High Profile Forum on corruption, White Collar Crime 
11.15.12 - CMBA Adds Two New Task Forces 
10.26.12 - CMBA Endorses Issue 107 (CMSD Levy) 
10.19.12 - Bar Foundation hosts 11th Annual Halloween Run for Justice 
10.04.12 - CMBA Partners with Others to Hold Second "Citizens Legal Academy" on October 11 
08.31.12 - CMBA to Host First “Citizens Legal Academy” on September 12 
08.17.12 - Bar Foundation to Host 66th Annual Public Servants Luncheon 
07.05.12 - CMBA President Carter Strang discusses diversity and Louis Stokes Scholars Program with The Plain Dealer 
06.22.12 - Bar Foundation Announces New Officers and Trustees for 2012-13 Fiscal Year 
06.21.12 - CMBA President Carter Strang on American Law Radio. Click to listen
06.12.12 - CMBA Announces Officers and Trustees, Launches Two New Initiatives, Bestows Awards at Fifth Annual Meeting 
03.28.12 - CMBA Brings “Lawyers Without Rights” to Cleveland 
03.20.12 - Voluntary Pro Bono Reporting will Close March 31 
03.15.12 - Lawyer Referral Service co-chairs David Gallup and Lee Koosed on American Law Radio. Click to listen
03.14.12 - “Reach Out” Program Series to Provide Legal Advice and Assistance to Community Nonprofits 
02.29.12 - Bar Foundation VP of Development Sherri Dahl on Munch in the Morning to talk about Rock the Foundation 7
02.23.12 - “Rock the Foundation 7” Hits House of Blues March 10

NEWS 2011

10.20.11 - CMBA President Barbara Roman on American Law Radio. Click to listen
10.17.11 - Bar Foundation to Host 10th Halloween Run for Justice 
09.13.11 - Bar Foundation to Host 65th Annual Public Servants Luncheon 
07.18.11 - Bar Foundation Announces Officers and Trustees for 2011-12 Fiscal Year 
06.30.11 - CMBA Annual Meeting Recap and Videos 
06.22.11 - ABA/BNA Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct Vol. 27 Number 13 covered the CMBA's 4/15/11 ethics advisory opinion 
06.21.11 - CMBA Honored Award Recipients at its Fourth Annual Meeting 
06.13.11 - Bar Association Response to Conviction of Judge Steven J. Terry 
06.01.11 - CMBA Announces Officers and Trustees for 2011-12 Fiscal Year 
05.19.11 - Women in Law Plan "Food Fight" to Benefit Women in Greater Cleveland 
05.19.11 - Women in Law Host "On the Go!" 
04.26.11 - ABA President Coming to Cleveland for Law Day 
04.20.11 - Earth Day Recycling Drive 
04.15.11 - CMBA issues ethics advisory opinion No. 2011-1 on Ohio Rule regarding sexual activity with clients 
04.01.11 - Annual Greater Cleveland Bench-Bar Memorial Program Set for April 4 
04.12.11 - Task Force on Judicial Excellence Holds Third Public Forum 
03.25.11 - CMBA President Reponds to McCafferty Conviction 
03.01.11 - Ohio Mock Trial Cuyahoga Regional Competition Rescheduled and Expanded 
02.28.11 - “Rock the Foundation” Returns to House of Blues on March 19 
02.24.11 - CMBA Hosts Annual Ohio Mock Trial Cuyahoga Regional Competition 
02.15.11 - Task Force on Judicial Excellence Holds Second Public Forum 
02.10.11 - Local Bar Associations Partner to Fundraise for Environmental Internships at Love, Law & Chocolate 
02.07.11 - 14 High School Teams Advance to the Ohio Mock Trial Cuyahoga Regional Competition 
02.03.11 - CMBA Hosts 28th Annual Ohio Mock Trial Cuyahoga District Competition 
01.18.11 - CMBA Appoints Michael D. Makofsky to Chair Its Corporate and Business Law Section

NEWS 2010

11.23.10 - Task Force on Judicial Excellence Holds First Public Forum 
11.15.10 - CMBA hosts semi-annual Celebration for New Lawyers 
10.19.10 - Bar Foundation hosts 9th Annual Halloween Run for Justice on Oct. 30 
10.01.10 - Party Leaders Join Task Force on Judicial Excellence 
09.29.10 - The City Club – Task Force on Judicial Excellence 
09.16.10 - Bar Foundation to Host 64th Annual Public Servants Luncheon 
09.15.10 - CMBA issues statement in response to arrests made in Cuyahoga County Corruption Scandal 
09.10.10 - CMBA submits Letter to the Editor regarding the Cuyahoga County Corruption Scandal 
07.28.10 - Four members, Tracey L. Antognazzi, Cheryl A. Conroy, Carol S. Taylor and Carmen M. Verhosek, earn designation as "OSBA Certified Paralegal." 
07.22.10 - Crain's Cleveland Business honors Women of Note, including Caprice Bragg, The Cleveland Foundation and Inajo Davis Chappell, Ulmer & Berne LLP. 
07.22.10 - Past President's Reception held July 21 and covered by the Supreme Court of Ohio 
06.17.10 - Bar Foundation Announces Officers and Trustees for 2010-11 Fiscal Year 
06.04.10 - CMBA 2010 Annual Meeting recap 
06.03.10 - CMBA to Honor Record Number of Award Recipients at its Third Annual Meeting 
05.13.10 - CMBA Announces Officers and Trustees for 2010-11 Fiscal Year 
04.03.10 - Statement issued after Chief Justic Moyer's death on April 2 
04.02.10 - Annual Greater Cleveland Bench-Bar Memorial Program Set for April 5 
03.26.10 - CMBA Names David R. Watson as the New Executive Director 
03.01.10 - Rock the Foundation V Hits House of Blues on March 20 
02.05.10 - Ohio Mock Trial District Competition Results: 11 High School Mock Trial Teams Advance 
02.04.10 - 27th Annual Ohio Mock Trial District Competition Hosted at Justice Center

NEWS 2009

12.21.09 - CMBA Passes Resolution Regarding the Cuyahoga County Commercial Docket
12.07.09 - 7th Annual Scrooge-Cratchit Books for Kids Benefit Set for December 9 
10.22.09 - Bar Foundation Plans 8th Annual Halloween Bench-Bar Run for Justice for Halloween Day 
10.16.09 - CMBA Participates in Pro Bono Week 
09.17.09 - CMBA Green Initiative Committee Holds First David Webster Greener Way to Work Day 
09.16.09 - Executive Director D. Larkin Chenault Resigns, Accepts Position as Executive Director of Connecticut Bar Association



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