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Posted by: Heather Zirke & Brennan Donnellan on Jan 27, 2020

Please read the release below about the 2020 Judge4Yourself judicial ratings. Releases 2020
Cuyahoga County Primary Judicial Ratings
Judicial Candidate Ratings Educate Voters and
End The Guessing Game.

CLEVELAND - January 27, 2020 - released ratings for 15 judicial candidates who are running opposed in Cuyahoga County in the March 17 primary election. Representatives of the Judge4Yourself consortium of five Bar Associations explained how the process is constantly improving, ensuring that the ratings are thorough, fair, non-partisan and unbiased.
We believe that too many voters rely on name recognition alone or simply don’t make a choice at all in judicial elections. These ratings are designed to educate voters with easy-to-understand language and clear evaluations of the candidates.
Click here to visit and review the 2020 Primary Judicial Ratings.
In 2019, Judge4Yourself deployed a new process for completing its ratings, one designed to enhance objectivity, transparency, and fairness. In addition to requiring each of the 70 lawyers who participated in the interviews to undergo required training against unconscious basis, Judge4Yourself utilized a revised voting process that uses a mathematical scoring model. ·        
“Our updated ratings process is a game-changer,” said Judge4Yourself Co-Chair Darrell A. Clay. “We heard the concerns of candidates who did not want to appear before Judge4Yourself, and we took action in response. Cuyahoga County voters can rest assured that we are delivering reliable ratings they can use when voting, and candidates can be secure in the knowledge that they are being treated objectively, fairly, and with respect when they participate in our ratings process."

For 18 years, Judge4Yourself has been Cuyahoga County’s most trusted source for unbiased, non-partisan information to help voters make informed decisions in voting for judges. About 80,000 visitors access ratings each election. We have earned the public trust and we are constantly working to improve the process.
You can watch the entire streaming video on the Judge4Yourself Facebook page.
Judge4Yourself includes these partner Bar Associations:

Ohio’s Primary 

  • Election Day: Tuesday, March 17, 2020
  • Primary Voter registration deadline: Feb. 18, 2020
  • Early voting begins: Feb. 19, 2020

Judge4Yourself Mission
Our goal is to help Cuyahoga County voters elect good judges. Our ratings tell voters, in simple language, whether we think that a candidate will make a good judge. Our rating page links to a biography for every candidate we rate, and information about the state or municipal court where the candidates seek office. Although our perspectives vary, we agree that knowledgeable, fair and respectful judges are essential for our community



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