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Posted by: Michael Mullally & Brennan Donnellan on Sep 17, 2020
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Complaint Calls for Sanctions After Forcing Court Appearances During COVID-19 Restrictions

CLEVELAND - September 17, 2020 - The Ohio Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Counsel filed a Complaint yesterday with the Supreme Court’s Board of Professional Conduct seeking disciplinary sanctions against Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Pinkey S. Carr for issuing arrest warrants for defendants who failed to show up for court hearings at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and related alleged misconduct. On behalf of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, CMBA President Joe Gross issued this statement:

“Although Disciplinary Counsel’s allegations against Judge Carr are concerning, it is important to remember that our system of justice has rules for determining whether allegations are true, and that process is just beginning. In this case, Disciplinary Counsel serves as the prosecutor and investigates the charges and any violations of the Ohio Code of Judicial Conduct and the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct. If Disciplinary Counsel’s allegations are proven true, the Ohio Supreme Court could impose a variety of sanctions including a public reprimand of Judge Carr or suspension of her law license.

“A judge’s role is to be a fair and impartial arbitrator of conflicts—one who respects and follows the law, and is above influence. The vast majority of our judges respect that concept and practice it every day in their courtrooms.

“Despite Disciplinary Counsel’s allegations against Judge Carr, the legal community has enormous respect for the legal system in Northeast Ohio and has confidence in those who continue to serve it. The judges on our Common Pleas and Municipal Courts’ benches will continue to serve the citizens of Northeast Ohio with honor and distinction. We, as lawyers who practice every day before these judges, continue to have every confidence in their honesty, integrity and fairness, and we urge the community to share in that confidence.”

The CMBA’s Mission is to promote the rule of law and the legal profession by supporting, empowering and celebrating our members and the community.

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