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Alternative Dispute Resolution

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About the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Section

The ADR Section brings together CMBA members who work as arbitrators or mediators, and lawyers who have a particular interest in dispute resolution as advocates. We promote the use of alternate dispute resolution in all fields of law, and help advocates and neutrals build their skills.


CLE Programs

The ADR Section sponsors at least one CLE program annually, most regularly in the fall CLE season.

Topic and Speaker Suggestions

CLE topic and speaker suggestions are always welcome! Send us your ideas to CLE and Sections Coordinator, Dominica Essi, at



Monthly roundtable meetings, often with one-hour CLE, are held on the first Tuesday of the month. Currently, all meetings/CLEs are held remotely online via Zoom unless otherwise noted. Join us! 


Section Activities

Bar Journal Section members provide articles for the July/August issue of the CMBA Bar Journal.


Pro Bono & Community Programs

Bench-Bar Mediation Initiative

Looking for a way to give back? The CMBA has partnered with the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas to help ease the backlog of cases accrued during the COVID-19 shutdown through the Bench-Bar Mediation Initiative, with the full support of the ADR Section. Cases are referred by Common Pleas Court judges to the Court's Civil Mediation Program, which began distributing cases to CMBA volunteers in May, 2020.

If you are an experienced mediator and CMBA member who would like to volunteer, please contact Jessica Paine at



Upcoming ADR Events

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ADR Communications

ADR News

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