Connections Program


This CMBA Connections Program is one example of the CMBA's ongoing efforts to bring new, valuable opportunities to our members. Launched in September 2010, it is a members-only program designed to build connections between the established leaders of our community and the younger/newer members, to create experiences that will resonate into the future.

The CMBA "Connections Program" works this way: each month, a prominent leader of the Cleveland legal or business community will host, at his or her place of business, a brown bag lunch with 10-12 young/new members of our bar association. The host will be asked during the lunch to share stories about his or her career, how he/she arrived at the current position, and to share insights with the young CMBA members about practicing law in Cleveland, having a business in Cleveland, and the future of lawyers in our region.  These lunch meetings will be small and intimate, allowing the participants to chat informally with someone that is playing an important role for our city. You can see photos from past events below.

Space is limited. The number of nominees selected may vary depending on the host, location and other accommodations. All nominations will be reviewed by the Membership Committee and attendees for each of these lunches will be selected based on diversity of background, practice area, and section representation.

If you know a member of the CMBA would benefit from attending a Connections event, please complete the form below to nominate him or her. You may nominate more than one person, but please complete one form per person. If you want to throw your own hat into the ring for and upcoming host, just fill out the form below as both the nominee and nominator. 


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Photos of past Connections Programs 

 Jackson     Gilbert    U.S. attorneys    Nance 


  Mills    Raskind 
Jarrett     Presti     Kilbane_Connections     Judge Oliver