Judicial Selection Committee

The Judicial Selection Committee conducts confidential interviews to evaluate judges and judicial candidates seeking a judicial office in Cuyahoga County and publishes its ratings of these judges and candidates to assist the public in making an informed vote.

The Committee also participates in the Judicial Candidates Rating Coalition ('JCRC') which consists of several local bar associations and agencies who interview judicial candidates together and widely disseminates each organization's ratings to assist the public in making an informed vote.


The ratings done by the JCRC are then posted at Judge4Yourself.com.

Committee members are generally appointed by the Board of Trustees at the beginning of each calendar year after an informal interview when committee seats become available. Attorney committee members must be trial practitioners representing a diverse range of practice areas and may not publicly endorse or contribute money to a judicial campaign or serve on a judicial campaign committee. Non-attorney members must be actively involved in community affairs.

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Jill G. Okun 


Hon. Kenneth R. Callahan 


Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP  


Vice Chair 

Buckley King 



For more information on the Judicial Selection Committee, please contact:

Heather Zirke, Bar Counsel