Mental Health & Wellness

The Mental Health & Wellness Committee provides a vehicle for the CMBA to promote mental health and wellness among the members; educate lawyers and law firm administrators on the warning signs of mental illness; provide better understanding of treatment success rates to reduce the stigma associated with a diagnosis of mental illness; encourage attorneys experiencing symptoms of mental illness to seek early, appropriate treatment; disseminate information regarding the resources available to attorneys in need; and educate the bench and bar regarding the rights and needs of those with mental illness.

If you or a colleague you know need help, contact the Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program (OLAP) at 1-800-348-4343. Your confidentiality, and the confidentiality of anyone about whom you express concerns will be protected. Click here to visit OLAP's website.

For more information about the Mental Health & Wellness Committee, please contact Heather Zirke, Bar Counsel.

Law School Subcommittee

The Law School Subcommittee includes staff and students from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, and The University of Akron. Every year the schools present mental health and substance abuse-related programming.

Programs and initiatives that one or more law schools have provided recently include:

  • Panel discussions on several topics: impact of mental health and substance abuse on the legal profession, including law students; prevention, detection, and treatment resources for students; connection between finances and debt and mental health and substance abuse;
  • Wellness fairs to promote mental and physical health, provide healthy food, and offer neck massages;
  • Promotion of treatment and support resources via websites, email, and refrigerator magnets;
  • Substance abuse seminars required for students taking the Ohio bar;
  • Meals and receptions to provide fun opportunities for interaction and to build community among students, staff, and faculty; and
  • Exam relief/study breaks with food during exam period.

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Cathleen M. Bolek Co-Chair
Bolek Besser Glesius, LLC

Robert M. Wolff  Co-Chair
Littler Mendelson, P.C.