Legal Technology

About the Legal Technology Committee

The Legal Technology Committee was created in May 2015 after receiving support from the CMBA membership. This committee:

  • Provides a forum to address the developments in technology and its applications in law practice and management including the use of computers, computer peripherals, mobile devices, applications, software packages, and other technology in the daily practice of law, and broader management of a law firm or practice;
  • Assists and educates lawyers in incorporating the use of legal technology in their daily practice and the adversary process;
  • Helps lawyers and law firms keep abreast of the developments and best practices in legal technology and its use in the practice of law and management of a law firm;
  • Generally promotes the effective management of a law firm or law practice via legal technology;
  • Generally promotes and furthers the interest of the profession within the field of legal technology and helps develop best practice guidelines for the bar on the use of legal technology.
For more information on joining the Legal Technology Committee, please contact Committee Liaison Samantha Pringle.


Jennifer Hart
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