Cybersecurity, Data Privacy & Emerging Technologies

About the Cybersecurity, Data Privacy & Emerging Technologies Section

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Launched in December 2018, the CMBA's newest Section aims:

1 - To provide a forum to address the developments in cyber security, data privacy and emerging technologies and their impact on the practice of law.

2 - To serve as a facilitator, connecting the legal profession with the many technology organizations and vendors in the community.

3 - To assist and educate lawyers with Continuing Legal Education programs and CMBA Bar Journal articles, including partnering with other CMBA Sections, Committee and the Law Firm 2040 Task Force.

4 - To provide networking and business development opportunities for members.

5 - To partner with the CMBA on pro bono and community service efforts. 

6 - To support the efforts of the law schools and their student initiatives.

Why Should You Join the Section?  Hear from one of our members!

“I am very glad to have recently attended my first CPETS event. It was a discussion of the Ohio Data Protection Act, which creates a safe harbor for businesses to use as an affirmative defense following a data breach. While cybersecurity and emerging technologies might seem unapproachable, that was not the case at this event. The speakers were knowledgeable, clear, and entertaining. I am looking forward to attending the next CPETS event!”

--Melissa Bilancini, C|M Law, Class of  2019


How to Join

It's easy for CMBA members! 

Through June 30, 2019, Section dues are free of charge.  Click here to email CMBA staff, or call us at 216-696-3525.  Section dues of $35 will be billed starting July 1, 2019.

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Bar Journal

Section members will provide quarterly articles for the CMBA Bar Journal. 

CLE Programs

We sponsor informative, innovative CLE programs and luncheon meetings on important topics, providing a convenient venue for our members to obtain continuing legal education and information on current developments.

We've already sponsored two programs in late 2018 - and we're looking to add more.  Email us your topic and speaker suggestions here.

Monthly Meetings

Our upcoming meetings include:

June 24, 2019 - KnowledgeNet with IAPP at C|M Law at 12:00 p.m.
August 1, 2019 - our new rotation will be the first Thursday of the month at noon!


Below are resources that may be of interest to Section members:

Analysis of the Ohio Data Protection Act White Paper

The Sedona Conference Commentary on Application of Attorney-Client Privilege and Work-Product Protection to Documents and Communications Generated in the Cybersecurity Context, Public Comment Version

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