In 1988, the “Lawyer’s Creed of Professionalism” was first, formally adopted by the Cleveland Bar Association's Board of Trustees.  In 2012, then Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association President Carter E. Strang appointed a Task Force on Civility and Professionalism, chaired by Judge Michael Donnelly and Judge Joan Synenberg, the purpose of which would be “to increase civility and professionalism in the practice of law.”  As part of this charge, the Task Force was asked specifically to review and update the Lawyer’s Creed of Professionalism.

The review of the creed was assigned to a subcommittee of the Task Force, comprised of Judge Dan Polster, Barbara Roman, Robert Secrist, Bruce Hearey, Daniel Gourash, Amanda Gatti, Elliot Kaufman, Fred Wendel, Harlan Karp, Jack Neville, Jim Kline, Jim Sammon, John Schiller, Julie Crocker, Ken Kraus, Max Rieker, Michael Diamant, Michael Tucci, Steve Werber, and Marvin Karp as Chair.  After careful review and edit, the new Creed was then submitted by the entire Task Force to the CMBA’s Board of Trustees in November, 2013, and was immediately adopted.  For more information on the history and its revision, please read the article by Marvin Karp and Judge Michael Donnelly in the July/August 2014 CMBA Bar Journal.


Lawyer's CreedThere are three ways of obtaining a free 18" x 24" copy of the creed which you may frame and display in your office or home.

  • Pick up a copy at the CMBA offices: 1375 East 9th Street, Floor 2, Cleveland, 44114 (inside One Cleveland Center).
  • Have it shipped to your home or office. Please email Melanie Farrell with your name, shipping address, and phone number.
  • Download and save a copy by clicking here. Or download a version suitable for professional printing here.

Group orders by firm are appreciated. Please one copy per attorney. Please contact Melanie Farrell with any questions.