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The 2018 competition is closed.

Open to all full and part-time students enrolled in a JD or LLM program at any ABA-accredited law school. 

FIRST PRIZE: $1,500.00
SECOND PRIZE: $1,000.00

The 2018 Topic: The Ohio Bar Examination application requires an applicant to provide information regarding the applicant’s criminal convictions and expungements. (See Gov. Bar. R.I, Sec. 11(D).)  In college, an applicant was convicted of a crime.  On appeal, the Supreme Court found that the statute under which the applicant was convicted violated the constitutional right to free speech (e.g., protesting an elected official) and overturned the conviction.  Is the applicant required to disclose the overturned conviction on the Bar Examination application?  Why or why not?

Each contestant will submit two documents to the CMBA at

  1. The Submission Form and 
  2. The contestant's essay in Word format.
Please refer to the 2018 Rules for any questions.

Past Winners

2015 - Kevin P. Donoughe: "Creating an Ethical Social Media Policy for your Law Firm."
2016 - Seth Osnotwitz: "Staying True to Ethics in a Difficult Situation."
- Sarah Siedlak: "Who Ya Gonna Call-Ghostbloggers!