Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Sections draw their membership from the lawyers, judges and other legal professionals who are members of the organization. Mutual respect, sharing expertise, and working together to improve the practice of law are the hallmarks of membership in our Sections.

Section membership is open to all members of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association. Sections elect their own officers, have their purpose and structure, and fund their own activities via the collection of individual section dues. Each section maintains a degree of autonomy, but their activities must be conducted in accordance with Article VII of the Association's Regulations and with the approval of the Board of Trustees. Benefits of section membership include: 

  • Enhanced networking and social opportunities
  • CLE programs specially tailored to your area of practice
  • Increased volunteer service opportunities
  • Greater involvement in public service and community outreach programs
  • Opportunity to contribute articles for the Bar Journal
  • Training for future leadership positions within the section, as well as CMBA leadership
  • Savings on section-sponsored events and luncheons

For more information on Section activities, please contact Samantha Pringle, Director of CLE & Sections at (216) 696-3525. 

To join a section, please click here for Section Application/Overview or join online.