Joining the CMBA

CMBA membership is open to attorneys and judges, law studentsparalegals and other affiliates.

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Log in required to join or renew online. For help or questions, please contact the CMBA at 216-696-3525. If you do not have or remember your login, simply choose "create an account" at the bottom of the login screen. The system will walk you through 3 steps to see if it can locate you in our database and help you log in.

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Why should you join?  Please watch our member testimonials and let our members speak on our behalf.

Join online or check below for the appropriate PDF application for your member type. Some restrictions apply. Contact our Membership Department with any questions.

Annual Membership runs July 1 thru June 30.  

Annual Dues (based on first admit date)    Regular Dues   *Reduced Dues (see below for eligibility)
1st year practicing (admitted 2013) $115 $55
2nd year practicing (admitted 2012) $155 $75
3rd year practicing (admitted 2011) $185 $95
4th year practicing (admitted 2010) $240 $130
5+ years of practice $315 $130

*Reduced Dues Eligibility

The CMBA offers reduced dues (see chart above) for judges, non-residents (living and working outside Cuyahoga County), government attorneys, attorneys practicing part-time, employed by nonprofit organizations or law schools, or attorneys not currently employed.  To affirm your eligibility, please click here.

Retired Membership RatesQualifying retired attorneys are eligible for a membership rate of $50 per year. 

Honorary members are defined as an individual who has practiced law for 50 or more years and has been a member of the Bar Association for the last ten years. These members are eligible for free membership to the CMBA. Please contact the CMBA to inquire at 216-696-3525.


Calculate the Value    PLUS 
Annual CMBA dues normally $55-$315)   Revamped insurance solutions to provide superior coverage and savings 
CLE savings at member rates $120   Discounts at more than 40 retail, entertainment and business partners 
Fastcase legal research software $800   Opportunities to market yourself and grow your business 
Bar Journal subscription $35   Volunteer opportunities – Lawyers Giving Back 
Legal Directory savings at member rates $20    Sense of belonging to local legal community 
YOU COME OUT AHEAD AT LEAST $660    Members-only access 


There is only ONE organization that uniquely supports all Cleveland-area attorneys and legal professionals in a way that brings our professional community together. We look forward to welcoming you. For specific questions, contact the CMBA at 216-696-3525.

You must log in to join or renew online.  

New or Former Members


Current Members

If you don't have a login, simply choose "create an account" at the bottom of the login screen. When creating an account, the system will walk you through 3 steps to see if it can locate you in our database. For help or questions, please contact the membership department at 216-696-3525.

Lawyers   (PDF Application)
From solo practices to large firms to courtrooms, membership is available for attorneys practicing in a variety of settings. Membership dues vary depending on the number of years of practice, practice setting and other factors.

Paralegals   (PDF Application)
The CMBA offers a joint membership with the Cleveland Association of Paralegals (CAP). Through this agreement, paralegals enjoy TRIPLE membership for one rate: CMBA, CAP and The National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc. (NFPA).

Multiple types of paralegal membership are available, including voting ($105), associate ($85), student ($50), sustaining ($210) and educator ($75). You can sign up for membership using a printable application or online by signing in above. Learn more on our paralegal resources page, or check out CAP directly here.

Affiliate Member   (PDF application)
If you wish to join the CMBA but are not a law student, attorney or paralegal, you may join as an affiliate. More specifically, any person who is not admitted to practice law before the Bar of Ohio or another state or territory of the U.S. and is engaged in employment or self-employment of a law-related nature may apply for status as an affiliate member. Two types of affiliate membership are available: legal affiliate (non-lawyer who is employed by a law firm, law department, law school, etc.) and business affiliate (non-lawyer, not employed by a law firm or department, consistently conducts business with attorneys and legal entities).


The CMBA also has a partnership with the Lorain County Bar Association (LCBA), offering LCBA members the opportunity to join the CMBA at a discounted rate. LCBA members who live and work in Lorain County can join the CMBA for a discounted rate of $100. In turn, CMBA members who live and work in Cuyahoga County can join the LCBA for a discounted rate of $100.

Attorneys living in one county but working in another are not eligible for the discounted dual membership. If you are interested in learning more about dual membership, please contact the CMBA at 216-696-3525.


Active members can earn $25 credit on your account for each new member* recruited.  Credit can be saved for membership dues or used toward  section dues.

*Dues credit promotion is for recruitment of attorneys who have never before been a CMBA member and excludes recruitment of dual/joint members, law students or those attorneys still within one year of passing the Bar.