Administrative Law

Administrative Law involves the rules, regulations, applications, permits, licenses, information, hearings, appeals, and decision making by a governing body (either a local, state, or federal administration) developed to serve its citizens. Occasionally the relationship between the citizen(s) and administrative procedures may turn adversarial and require specialized legal representation.

The following list represents the subject matter panels established by the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) for Administrative Law. Some subject matter panels may not have lawyers participating under them. In this case, LRS has not found successful attorney applicants who qualify for a particular subject matter. LRS is not permitted to add attorneys who do not meet LRS standards. LRS will still maintain these panels in the event attorneys who do qualify for the subject matter will be available to represent members of the public in the future.

All of the subject matter panels listed in the area of Administrative Law are preceded by the designation ADM. The areas are listed below and are located in a drop down box on the “Get a Referral” form.

  • ADM: Admiralty Law
  • ADM: Appropriation/Eminent Domain
  • ADM: Building Code
  • ADM: Customs (Import/Export)
  • ADM: Education (K-12)
  • ADM: Education (Special Needs)
  • ADM: Education (University/College)
  • ADM: Election Law
  • ADM: Environmental Law
  • ADM: Fishing/Hunting
  • ADM: Food Stamps (Business Compliance)
  • ADM: Gaming Law
  • ADM: Legal Ethics (Practice Purchase/Sale)
  • ADM: Liquor Control
  • ADM: Military
  • ADM: Professional Licensing
  • ADM: Public Utilities Commission
  • ADM: Social Security (Disability)
  • ADM: Social Security (Income)
  • ADM: Social Security (Over payment)
  • ADM: Social Security (Retirement)
  • ADM: Transportation
  • ADM: VA Benefits