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Fastcase is a comprehensive online law library created by lawyers for lawyers. CMBA attorney and paralegal members have free and unlimited access to the case law database for Ohio supreme and appellate courts, the 6th Circuit, and the U.S. Supreme Court, along with nationwide statutes, regulations and court rules. . 

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Members also have the option to upgrade to the Fastcase Premium Plan which includes nationwide supreme and appellate courts, U.S. District Courts and U.S. Bankruptcy Courts for $195 per year. Whether used as a powerful and robust research tool for solo practitioners and smaller firms, or used as a supplemental resource for larger firms or pro bono work, Fastcase’s smarter searching, sorting, and visualization tools help you find the best answers fast – and help you find documents you might have otherwise missed.


Fastcase’s award-winning mobile legal research app is now synchronized with the Fastcase bar association member benefit along with accounts for law firms and law schools.  Sync your free mobile account with your CMBA account to print and to bring together favorites and usage history. Click here to learn more.


The enhanced Authority Check feature now shows you where courts have noted that a case has been treated negatively (i.e., reversed or overruled on any grounds).  The Bluebook requires that courts indicate negative history of cases cited within opinions.  Also new, "Bad Law Bot," uses algorithms to find negative citation history.  Bad Law Bot then flags those cases that have negative citation history and provides you with the links to those cases. Bad Law Bot is a part of Authority Check, so it's already included in your subscription through the CMBA!  For more information on Bad Law Bot, please visit: If you have any questions about Fastcase specifically, please contact Fastcase's Customer Service at 866-773-2782 or


Fastcase offers a 30-page user guide to help you with the software. You can access the full user guide here. (2MB PDF)

Fastcase provides free live training webinars each month so that you can learn how to use Fastcase right from the comfort of your own computer. 

Introduction to Legal Research on Fastcase  -- This webinar is designed for new Fastcase users. The presentations cover basic Fastcase features with a focus on case law searches and statute searches

Advanced Tips for Enhanced Legal Research on Fastcase -- This presentation offers a quick refresher on case law search basics as well as a number of research tips that highlight advanced features. 

Introduction to Boolean (Keyword) Search -- This webinar is designed for users who are already familiar with the basics of Fastcase but are new to Boolean (keyword) searches or want to learn how to be more efficient using Boolean logic on any legal search engine.

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